What are Modular vacuum Toilets?
26 Jan 2018

What are Modular vacuum Toilets?

26 Jan 2018

Modular vacuum, or designer washroom, toilets are the ultimate loo experience for a wedding, party, or corporate event. The washroom systems are made up primarily of standalone/ modular cubicles, urinals and vanity units. These are the main components required to build a washroom or toilet facilities.

These toilet systems are usually hired out for events, weddings and parties. They have many benefits:

• They can be built up in many different configurations. So you can have exactly the right amount of cubicles for your guests.
• They are portable enough to be brought into buildings and marquees.
• They offer a level of style and quality that cannot be matched in terms of outside systems. i.e. toilet trailers and pod units.
• Vacuum technology means there is no need for chemicals to be used as you would have in standard toilet trailers. It also reduces water consumption and waste creation by 87% which can save a lot of money over a large footfall event.

At Just Loos we have designed our own unique modular washroom system and we call them Designer Washrooms. This is because what you end up with is a finished product that looks, feels and operates like a Designer washroom.
At Just Loos our Designer Washrooms are constructed out of solid oak and high gloss laminates to provide a modern and contemporary feel with electric taps and the latest vacuum technology.

Our Designer washrooms can run off holding tanks and can also pump directly to a drain. If drains are not available we can provide waste tanks that are positioned out of sight and we can pump straight to them.

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