Toilet Hire for Corporate Events and Functions
05 Mar 2024

Toilet Hire for Corporate Events and Functions

05 Mar 2024

Don’t overlook toilet hire for your corporate events

Organising a successful corporate event or business function requires meticulous planning and attention to detail, including Corporate Event Toilet Hire.

While factors such as venue, catering, and entertainment often take centre stage when planning the event or function, one essential aspect that can be easily overlooked is that of the appropriate level of toilet facilities.

These services not only ensure the comfort and convenience of all guests, but also contributes to the overall success and reputation of the event.

The Importance of Quality Toilet Facilities

In a corporate setting, where professionalism and attention to detail are paramount factors that support the business brand, providing quality toilet facilities is crucial. 

It is well known that unpleasant restroom experiences can leave a lasting negative impression on attendees. This could potentially overshadow the success of your event, impacting on business reputation.

Professional luxury toilet hire services offer a reliable and sophisticated solution to this challenge. Luxury toilets mean that your guests feel comfortable and cared for throughout the event or function.

In order to deliver luxury toilet hire levels that match the business and brand expectations, these are the key areas that need to be considered.

Where can Luxury Toilets be installed?

Our luxury toilet hire service allows businesses to broaden their options of event or function venues. The toilet trailers can be easily installed in a wide range of locations.

Our experience of providing luxury toilets include:

  • Corporate and business events in both urban and rural areas
  • Building openings
  • Topping out events
  • Product or new service launches
  • Airports
  • Installations inside warehouses and London arches
  • Back of house staff and artist units for festivals, ceremonies and filming events

We understand that each event location requires an individual approach for the installation of luxury toilets for the guests.  

Enhanced Hygiene and Cleanliness

Professional luxury toilet hire needs to prioritise hygiene and cleanliness. All the facilities we install will be well-maintained, sanitised and meet or indeed exceed the industry standards. 

This holds particular significance in corporate events, where upholding a pristine environment for all attendees is crucial to uphold the brand’s reputation.

Scalability and Customised Solutions

Luxury toilet hire services offer a range of options to suit the specific needs of any corporate event. Whether you require standard portable toilets, luxury toilet trailers, or fully DDA and DOC M approved units, these services can be tailored to match the nature and scale of your event.

We understand that corporate and business events vary in size. The number of attendees can fluctuate from a few select guests through to large scale functions. 

Our professional toilet hire services can be easily scale to accommodate any number of guests. We will ensure that there are an adequate number of restroom facilities available at all times.

Access Convenience for Guests

Premium toilet rental services guarantee strategically positioned facilities for effortless access. This accessibility not only enhances the overall guest experience but also enables them to concentrate on the event’s objectives without concerns about fundamental amenities.

Moreover, prioritising the needs of all attendees, particularly those with mobility challenges, is imperative. Our accessible toilet hire services include fully fully DDA and DOC M approved facilities with alarms that meet BS8300:2001 Standards. Our accessible facilities feature ramps, spacious interiors, and other amenities to cater to guests with disabilities. This dedication to inclusivity aligns with the core values of businesses that prioritise the comfort and enjoyment of every guest.

Environmentally Friendly Options

In order to help align the toilet hire services with a brand’s environmental commitments, we offer eco-friendly toilet pods that can use less water, incorporate recycled materials, and employ green technologies.

This aligns with the growing corporate emphasis on sustainability and responsible event management.


In the realm of corporate events and business functions, attention to detail can make a significant impact on the overall success of the occasion. 

Professional toilet hire services address an often-overlooked aspect of corporate and business event planning. Ensuring that attendees experience comfort, convenience, and a positive overall impression of both the event and the business involved is essential. 

By investing in high-quality toilet facilities, you not only meet the basic needs of your guests but also demonstrate a commitment to excellence.

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