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Toilet Hire for Corporate Events and Functions

Don’t overlook toilet hire for your corporate events

Organising a successful corporate event or business function requires meticulous planning and attention to detail, including Corporate Event Toilet Hire.

While factors such as venue, catering, and entertainment often take centre stage when planning the event or function, one essential aspect that can be easily overlooked is that of the appropriate level of toilet facilities.

These services not only ensure the comfort and convenience of all guests, but also contributes to the overall success and reputation of the event.

The Importance of Quality Toilet Facilities

In a corporate setting, where professionalism and attention to detail are paramount factors that support the business brand, providing quality toilet facilities is crucial. 

It is well known that unpleasant restroom experiences can leave a lasting negative impression on attendees. This could potentially overshadow the success of your event, impacting on business reputation.

Professional luxury toilet hire services offer a reliable and sophisticated solution to this challenge. Luxury toilets mean that your guests feel comfortable and cared for throughout the event or function.

In order to deliver luxury toilet hire levels that match the business and brand expectations, these are the key areas that need to be considered.

Where can Luxury Toilets be installed?

Our luxury toilet hire service allows businesses to broaden their options of event or function venues. The toilet trailers can be easily installed in a wide range of locations.

Our experience of providing luxury toilets include:

  • Corporate and business events in both urban and rural areas
  • Building openings
  • Topping out events
  • Product or new service launches
  • Airports
  • Installations inside warehouses and London arches
  • Back of house staff and artist units for festivals, ceremonies and filming events

We understand that each event location requires an individual approach for the installation of luxury toilets for the guests.  

Enhanced Hygiene and Cleanliness

Professional luxury toilet hire needs to prioritise hygiene and cleanliness. All the facilities we install will be well-maintained, sanitised and meet or indeed exceed the industry standards. 

This holds particular significance in corporate events, where upholding a pristine environment for all attendees is crucial to uphold the brand’s reputation.

Scalability and Customised Solutions

Luxury toilet hire services offer a range of options to suit the specific needs of any corporate event. Whether you require standard portable toilets, luxury toilet trailers, or fully DDA and DOC M approved units, these services can be tailored to match the nature and scale of your event.

We understand that corporate and business events vary in size. The number of attendees can fluctuate from a few select guests through to large scale functions. 

Our professional toilet hire services can be easily scale to accommodate any number of guests. We will ensure that there are an adequate number of restroom facilities available at all times.

Access Convenience for Guests

Premium toilet rental services guarantee strategically positioned facilities for effortless access. This accessibility not only enhances the overall guest experience but also enables them to concentrate on the event’s objectives without concerns about fundamental amenities.

Moreover, prioritising the needs of all attendees, particularly those with mobility challenges, is imperative. Our accessible toilet hire services include fully fully DDA and DOC M approved facilities with alarms that meet BS8300:2001 Standards. Our accessible facilities feature ramps, spacious interiors, and other amenities to cater to guests with disabilities. This dedication to inclusivity aligns with the core values of businesses that prioritise the comfort and enjoyment of every guest.

Environmentally Friendly Options

In order to help align the toilet hire services with a brand’s environmental commitments, we offer eco-friendly toilet pods that can use less water, incorporate recycled materials, and employ green technologies.

This aligns with the growing corporate emphasis on sustainability and responsible event management.


In the realm of corporate events and business functions, attention to detail can make a significant impact on the overall success of the occasion. 

Professional toilet hire services address an often-overlooked aspect of corporate and business event planning. Ensuring that attendees experience comfort, convenience, and a positive overall impression of both the event and the business involved is essential. 

By investing in high-quality toilet facilities, you not only meet the basic needs of your guests but also demonstrate a commitment to excellence.

Long term toilet hire for office redevelopment

Just provide long term toilet solutions for the property and construction market. When we hire our loos out on long-term hire we plumb them to a mains drain to provide a cheap and viable long term solution. This is often needed for office/workshop/superstore/shop/warehouse refurbishments, construction sites and property development. Our expert team will install the toilet trailer (or trailers depending on how many you want) wherever you want, plumb it to mains drainage if possible and we can also provide regular servicing to make sure the toilets are kept clean and tidy throughout the hire period.

We have just installed a 3+1 toilet trailer and a disabled pod for 4 months at a large shop in Croydon; their existing toilets are being refurbished and they need a solution for clients and staff. We have plumbed them both to the mains drain to ensure that the tank doesn’t need regular emptying which keeps their costs down. We will also be carrying out regular service visits to ensure the trailer is always running smoothly.

Event Organisers toilet hire

Just Loos have increased their stock and range of luxury toilets for hire.

At Just Loos we manufacture our own toilet trailers for hire and sale. We also supply many of leading toilet hire company’s with our unique range of luxury loo trailers for hire.

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Luxury toilet hire cost

The cost of hiring luxury toilets will depend on the time of year, size of the units and length of the hire. A delivery charge will depend on your distance from the target area.

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Marquee luxury toilet hire

At Just Loos we manufacture and hire luxury toilets and washrooms that can be installed in any covered area. Including Marquee’s. This is becoming an increasingly popular option because the clients can determine the layout of the washroom. The washrooms can also be decorated in line with the theme of the event.
Marquee luxury toilet hire
We manufacture our units and can install them in whatever configuration you require.

These are individual modular units that can be built within a marquee to provide exactly the right number of cubicles and washbasins to suit the requirements. They are constructed out of solid oak and high gloss laminates to provide a modern and contemporary feel with electric taps and the latest vacuum technology.

Testament to our commitment to the quality of our product and service is the fact that we have supplied these designer washrooms for events at Buckingham Palace, Frieze Masters Exhibition, Goodwood Festival of Speed, Qatar Goodwood Festival and Windsor Castle.

When it comes to Marquee toilet hire, we are more happy to help you and advise you on how to spec. your washrooms. Just give us call or drop us an email and we will find a cost effective solution that will make your event stand out from the rest.

Luxury toilet hireWe also manufacture and hire luxury toilet trailers that can be attached to the sides of Marquees. This is more cost effective solution.

We have a huge range of Luxury toilet trailers that are available in many different configurations.

Follow this link to see our range of luxury toilet trailers.

Luxury Toilet Hire London

 The Event series of Luxury toilet trailersLuxury toilet hire London

At Just Loos we have a huge range of Luxury toilets for hire. We manufacture and design our own units, so our fleet always has the latest technology and designs.

Please use our quick sizer below to choose a luxury toilet for your event

Themed toilets for hire

toilet hire London

Stand out from the rest with our Boutique collection

Please use our quick sizer below to choose a themed toilet for your event

Designer Washrooms

At Just Loos we can also turn your marquee (or part of it) into a luxurious rest room with the installation of our unique Designer Washrooms. These individual modular units comprise of Washbasins, Cubicles and Urinals all constructed out of solid oak to provide that modern contemporary feel. They can be arranged in whatever configuration you like.

Luxury toilet hire London

Just Loos are experts in the hire and rental of luxury portable toilets. All our units are sited and set up by our uniformed and friendly staff. We pride ourselves on offering a first class service to all our customers.

Covering: Hampshire, Wiltshire, Bedfordshire, Surrey, Sussex, Dorset, Somerset, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Middlesex.

Our units are fully self- contained and only require a standard mains power supply.

At Just Loos we provide an extensive range and a wealth of experience when it comes to mobile toilet hire. We have a variety of solutions, including our range of Luxury Toilet trailers. They are available in many different configurations and sizes. We can also provide a unique range of themed toilet trailers (the Boutique collection), which will really make your event stand out from the rest.

Emergency toilets

At Just Loos we can provide mobile toilets for emergency’s, that have the look and feel of a luxury washroom.

Emergency toilets

These units are very popular because your employees/customers  will have all the facilities of a modern luxury washroom. Including spacious interiors with hot water.

The options we have include:

  • Luxury toilet trailers that are completely self contained. So you don’t need to attach them to sewerage drains. They will need to be pumped out every so often depending on the foot fall. These units can be towed into location and only require a standard power supply. They feature all the mod cons.

Temporary toilets

  • We also hire out pod units that sit flat on the ground and do not require steps. These units can be attached directly to mains sewerage and are designed for vey high foot fall.

temporary luxury toilets for hire

Please give us a call on 01962 867808 and we will be happy to advise you on what type of unit to use in your particular situation.

Wedding toilets for hire

If you are planning a wedding and need to hire portable toilets you have several options. Plastic toilets are definite no-no so you need to look at the Luxury toilet hire side of the market. There are plenty of options and configurations available from reputable toilet hire company’s.

Luxury toilet hire

However if you are looking to really make your event stand out from the rest then there is new segment in the market called Themed toilet hire. These units are often used as wedding toilets because they can add a touch of class and a lot of fun to what for most is very important occasion.

At Just Loos we cater for both types (Luxury toilets and themed toilets). However we are increasing our themed toilet hire range at much faster pace due to demand. Themed toilets are luxury trailer toilets but as the name suggests they follow a theme externally and internally. They have the little extras as well like LED coloured lighting.

An example of our themed toilets is our Boutique range which is decorated with tasteful pictures of some of the classic movie stars of the past.

wedding toilets
themed wedding toilets

If you are looking to hire wedding toilets and need some advice on the sizes and configurations available please feel free to give us call on 01962 867808. Or drop us an email.

Luxury Loo hire

At Just Loos we focus on Luxury Loo hire. We have a comprehensive range of Luxury toilet trailers, themed toilet trailers and Designer washrooms for hire. Whether it’s a toilet hire for a wedding, office party, outdoor event, glamping or for washrooms that can be set up in a marquee, we have a cost effective solution for you.
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We design and manufacture, our own units so you can always be assured that our toilets are new and in tip top condition. We pride ourselves on this and this is why we are the preferred supplier, for some of the most prestigious events in UK/Europe.
Every detail counts when you are having a large event. All to often the toilet facilities can be overlooked. Having sub standard washrooms or toilet facilities will affect a guests experience negatively. We try to make our mobile toilets as spacious and luxurious as you would expect from a top hotel.
Luxury Loo hire