Sneak peak at new range of themed toilet trailers.
29 Feb 2016

Sneak peak at new range of themed toilet trailers.

Just a quick sneaky peak at a new

29 Feb 2016

Just a quick sneaky peak at a new specialist themed toilet trailer that we are market testing. Its provisionally called the Lift and Fly. Having had a lot of success with our themed toilet trailer range this year we are constantly testing and producing new designs.
New range Themed toilet trailers

The Lift and Fly is a what we class as a Luxury themed toilet trailer and its designed to add to our existing range of themed toilet trailers called the Boutique Range.

Themed toilet trailers are becoming increasingly popular as they  can add a bit of fun and a unique style to an event.

The men’s units will have a internal theme based on jet travel. For the ladies the theme will be based on taking a lift up into the clouds and looking down on the world.

This new range will feature beautiful dark oak exteriors plus all the features of luxury toilet trailers. We haven’t finalized a name for this theme yet so you will have to watch this space for more news.

Standard features include: Spacious interiors • Flushing Porcelain Toilets • Sinks with running hot water • Premium Paper Products • Vanities • Luxury Hand Soaps • CD player • Matching skirts • Aluminium steps

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