05 Jan 2016

Mobile Toilets for hire London

Luxury mobile toilets for hire in London. Top

05 Jan 2016

Luxury mobile toilets for hire in London. Top quality units manufactured and hired by the professionals. At Just Loos we specialize in Luxury toilet hire with a huge range of mobile toilets for all types of events.Mobile toilets for hire London
Standard features in all of Just Loos luxury toilets include

Spacious interiors
The look and feel of a luxury bathroom
Warm water supply
Heaters included
CD Player included
Matching skirts
Aluminum steps
Luxury soaps and tissues

Toilet trailer at a luxury wedding

Loo Trailer at a wedding

Style Range interior

The units only require a standard mains power supply and are set up for you by our qualified staff. Toilet hire without the hassle.

Why not stand out from the rest with a Themed Luxury Toilet?

The Boutique Collection

These units will have a beautiful dark oak exterior plus a very modern and contemporary look on the inside. The ladies units will be adorned with large pictures of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren as well as vibrant pink doors and coloured lighting.
For the gents units there will be a James Bond theme with red doors and coloured lighting to complete the theme.Themed toilet hire

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