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Event Shower Hire

Event Shower Hire

Portable shower hire for outdoor events is a crucial consideration for event organisers seeking to enhance the overall experience of attendees where overnight stays and camping is taking place. The assurance that the mobile shower blocks you hire will be fully functional with a decent supply of warm running water, whilst being impeccably clean and maintained to the highest standards is paramount.

2 and 6 Bay Mobile Shower Trailer Hire Specifications

Each shower cubicle boasts a spacious washing area and is equipped with both LED lighting and roof vents for ventilation.

Temperature control is set at the boiler to ensure a consistent water temperature, eliminating sudden surges of freezing cold or scalding hot water. The water is heated by propane gas cylinders, which can be provided as part of the hire contract. The shower blocks are wet room style with a central soakaway/surface drain connection which we can connect to either mains drainage or pump to collection tanks. With all connections carried out by our experienced team you can be assured of a leak free wash area to help to contribute to the cleanliness and tidiness of the event site.

Shower bays are thoughtfully designed with coat hooks and shower seats.

The 6 bay shower trailer spans 8.3m in length, including the A Frame, with a height of 3m and a width of 2.4m. The addition of steps extends the total footprint to 3.4m x 8.3m.

The 2-bay shower is designed for much smaller spaces and is just 3m x 2m + towbar

Shower Block Hire Installation Requirements

Event Access Requirements

Each shower unit hired will be delivered to your event site with our fleet of 4×4 vehicles. Installing the shower units on flat, level ground is recommended, ideally hard standing.

However, it’s still feasible to set up the shower trailers on grass and a certain amount of levelling can be carried out if the ground conditions require it.

Showers are just over 3.5m tall and will need to be driven to the location where they are to be sited so sufficient access to these areas will be required.

Utility Requirements

Access to a mains water supply with sufficient pressure is essential for each shower block in use, although all our 6 bay showers come as standard with an additional storage tank and booster pump to ensure a continual supply, should the onsite supply be poorer than needed.   Additionally, we are able to supply further water and waste tanks should we need to further enhance the onsite services.

The wastewater from each shower unit can be piped into a nearby drain or soakaway. Additionally, a 240v power supply is required. If not available on site, a generator can be hired as an alternative.

If your event site lacks some or all of these utilities, rest assured. Please reach out to us; we are here to assist!

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