6 Bay Shower

6 Bay Shower

For events where you need nice hot showers look no further than Just Loos.

  • Length 8.3m including A Frame, Height 3m, Width 2.4m, Add 1m for steps

Our shower trailers are designed with a clean and contemporary finish. Each cubicle has a seat and coat hook separated from the shower area. The water is heated with gas fired boilers which we provide.

Please be aware that the following are required on site:

  1. Fresh water supply (i.e. ideally from a hose or water bowser),
  2. 240 volt power supply for the pump and lights (or a generator can be hired)
  3. A drain or soak-away for waste water (or a grey waste tank can be hired),
  4. Trailers must be placed on firm level ground with unrestricted access.