Luxury toilet hire FAQ

• How many toilets do I need to hire for my guests?

It does depend a lot on the type and length of event. i.e. when there is food and drink involved the demand goes up for obvious reasons. However as a rule of thumb the ratio we use varies between 1: 40 and 1: 50 guests per toilet.
All of our models state how many guests they are designed for over an 8 hour period.

• How do I know that a toilet trailer will be able to get into my drive?

Most toilet trailers width wise are between 2.1 meters to 2.5 meters wide. Although there are more compact units designed for smaller spaces. A good rule of thumb is estimate whether or not you would be able to get a large caravan through your gate.
At Just Loos we include the dimensions of trailers on the web site. If you are really concerned about whether or not a trailer will fit in a particular area please give us call and we will be able to help.

• Can I put a toilet trailer into a field or onto grass?

At Just Loos we use new state of the art 4x4s so we can tow trailers into fields. The ground needs to be firm and flat. One thing to watch out for is tyre tracks when it’s particularly wet. We cannot avoid or control this. If this is concern you can arrange with a third party to have Trackway mats put down on the field.
Remember you need to able to get a standard 13 amp power cord to the unit. This can be done with a generator (5 Kva per unit) or by using extension cords.

• How many guests can use the toilets before the waste tanks become full?

We use as a rule of thumb events that last for 8 hours. Each model on the web site will state a conservative estimate of how many guests the unit will accommodate over this period.
We can also arrange for septic tanks to be emptied during an event at an extra cost.
If you are going to have a very high foot fall event with some models we can plumb the sewage into your mains. We can also provide additional septic tanks for events.
Talk to us if you are worried about high foot fall and we will be able o help with a variety of solutions.

• What about disabled access?

Most toilet trailers do not come with wheelchair accessible toilets. However at Just Loos we do have some specialist toilet trailers that include toilets with disabled access. (Including lifts, ramps and wider entrances) Like the Event 300 disabled.
However if you have requirement for disabled access we have range of custom trailers, single luxury plastic toilets and ground based pods that will allow comfortable access.

Temporary toiletslarge-events-party-units-disabled-range-baby-changer

• Will I need insurance for any damage or vandalism?

Once the unit has been delivered and until it is collected you are responsible for any damage, vandalism or theft of the unit(s).

• How far in advance do I need to reserve a unit for hire?

The summer months are peak season. By March we will be fully booked for certain periods in June & July. September and Xmas can also be fully booked way in advance.

• When will I get delivery of my toilet?

For Private hire events we always aim to deliver the unit a day or two before the event and we collect the day after. For large public events we will agree on delivery times and access with the Event Organizers.

• Does my luxury toilet trailer come with consumables?

We supply all consumables including luxury hand soaps and premium paper products.

• Can you supply someone to attend the toilets during my event?

Yes we can but it is often more cost effective to use someone locally for private events. For large public events where we have multiple units, we will have staff in regular attendance.

• What areas do you cover?

For Private hire events we cover Hampshire, Wiltshire, Bedfordshire, Surrey, Sussex, Dorset, Somerset, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Middlesex.
For large public events we may be able to accommodate you if you are outside our catchment area?

• What about Marquees and toilet hire?

We have several solutions to this including our unique Designer Washrooms which can be built within a Marquee and to spec.
Most reputable Marquee hire companies will have special access slots that allow for luxury toilet trailers to be positioned in or next the marquee. An entrance through the marquee side wall is then created so guests never have to leave the Marquee.

• Why choose Just Loos?

At Just Loos we believe that mobile toilets should offer all the comforts of home and make your guests feel like VIPs. We design and manufacture all of our own equipment. Our units are feature the latest technology are maintained to the highest standards. We don’t supply construction sites but focus solely on the luxury hire market. We are the preferred suppliers for some of the most of most prestigious events in the UK. ( The Chelsea flower show, Chesterton’s Polo in the park, The Royal wedding at Buckingham Palace… to name a few)

What type of mobile Luxury toilet should I hire?

In the UK when we refer to mobile luxury toilets there are broadly 4 categories.

Luxury toilet trailers

These are the most popular units because all they require is standard mains power and they can be situated anywhere they can be towed into. Plug and Play in effect.
The units have large waste tanks under the toilets and fresh water tanks inside so they don’t need to be plumbed in or connected to external waste tanks. This makes it a cost effective solution.
 The toilets are flushed by means of recirculating water from the waste tanks after it has been filtered and chemically altered.
The fresh water tanks are used to supply the basins.
These trailers feature hot water supplies and have the look and feel of luxury restroom.
There are various different sizes and configurations for these trailers. Starting with what is generically referred to as 1 + 1 unit. ( 1 Ladies and 1 Male cubicle). Some of the bigger units can have up 4 Ladies cubicles and 1 Gents cubicle and 3 urinals.
Some suppliers of these units will also supply skirts that hide the wheels under the trailer from view. The units usually come with aluminum steps, cd players and are fully stocked with soaps and tissues.

These types of units are used typically for weddings, parties, corporate outdoor events, funerals, Glamping ect. Any type of event where guests/customers would not appreciate having to use plastic toilets.
Luxury toilets for hire

Luxury Vacuum units

Luxury Vacuum toilet trailers have the same look and feel as Luxury trailer toilets. i.e. they have all the features but they use vacuum technology to flush the toilets. The same principle as you would find on an airplane. This has three main advantages.
• It’s kinder to the environment because no chemicals are used.
• It also eliminates any odour from the chemicals.
• When a vacuum toilet is flushed, the vacuum created also sucks out any pleasant odours in the actual cubicle itself.
Vacuum units usually don’t have internal waste tanks and are plumbed into or connected to sewage facilities or external tanks.
This is useful when having large events over a prolonged period of time because the waste tanks don’t need be emptied every so often.

These types of units are used typically for high footfall events that require mobile toilets that have the look and feel of luxury toilets.Luxury toilet hire hampshire

Luxury designer washrooms

(sometimes referred to as Flexiloo Systems or moduvac systems)
Designer washrooms systems are made up primarily of standalone/ modular cubicles, urinals and vanity units. (These are in essence the main components required to build a washroom or toilet facilities.)
These types of systems are usually built in Marquees or in temporary facilities.
They have many benefits.
• They can be built up in many different configurations. So you can have exactly the right amount of cubicles for your guests.
• They are portable enough to be brought into buildings and marquees.
• They offer a level of style and quality that cannot be matched in terms of outside systems. i.e. toilet trailers and pod units.
• Vacuum technology means there is no need for chemicals to be used as you would have in standard toilet trailers. So it’s kinder to the environment and there are no chemical smells.
• Can be flushed to mains sewage

Modular Toilet hire

Luxury themed toilet trailers

Note a new sub category of this type of toilet that is becoming increasing is popular is Themed toilets. The interiors and exteriors of these units follow a particular theme. They are designed to add a bit of fun and make peoples events stand out from the rest.

Luxury toilet hire DorsetThemed toilet trailer hire London

Ground based Pod units

Toilet hire podsGround based pod units are generally used for high foot fall events. They are fork lifted into position.
The major advantage of ground based pod unit is that they don’t require steps.

These units have separate waste tanks or they can be plumbed directly into mains sewage if available.